Are you a “Coffee or Tea type” marketer?

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Are you a "Coffee or Tea type" marketer? Hmm, I just have my yummy tea indulging in flavours of cinnamon and chrysanthemum. It’s refreshingly delicious. A friend next to me is drinking his coffee portion. He is addicted to coffee. He tries to keep reducing it to a healthier level, but let’s face it, he is addicted. [...]

Choose your automation system right! But how?

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Choose your automation system right! But how? When you are thinking of choosing an automation system, you have way too many options. How to choose the right one for your needs? How to identify if it’s the right time for you to have an automation system? 1. Have you used other non-automation solutions for your business and you outgrew [...]

Marketing and Fish & Chips

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Marketing and Fish & Chips How are fish and chips and marketing served on the same plate? Well, let’s look at them a bit more carefully and see what the heck these two are doing together. 1. High-quality services - The starting point. Right, so if you have a fish and [...]

Mental Battle of an Entrepreneur (Short Film)

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The Mental Battle of an Entrepreneur - Short Film Sometimes the life of an entrepreneur is filled with a lot of people that will tell you things that make no sense. Which voice will you listen to? Which one will you follow? We believe in our purpose to help those who listen to the one which is more challenging [...]

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