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Are You Short on Technical Resources & Time?
We Solve Your Digital Marketing Needs.

Automation is not a luxury anymore!
It’s a necessity for every business.
Automate Your Sales & Marketing and
Do What You are Passionate about, Your Business.

  • Capture More Leads

  • Improve Conversion Rates

  • Connect With Your Clients

  • Automate Sales

  • Automate Marketing

  • Automate Referrals

  • Master e-Commerce

  • Scale Your Business

  • Save time

Show me how!


Make More Money & Close More Sales!

The sky is the limit.

Scale your business with personalised business automation in less time.

Get specific product sentiment and feedback from customers after they buy.
This is done with a simple in email survey which points to
a feedback form for additional comments.

This action plan is a good fit if you sell a product or service.
This campaign can be customized for one or the other.

1. Get Customer Sentiment on Your Dashboard

Generate some quick sales from your existing list.
This is done by offering a limited time discount to some or all of your list.

Good fit if you sell products/services online using a shopping cart
and/or order forms and you have an existing list of prospects and/or customers.

1. Create Appetite for Future Offers
2. Increase Sales at List Price

Collect referrals from only the happiest of your customers.
This is done by sending your happy customers an email
containing a form for them to submit.

This action plan is a good fit if you are already performing customer surveys,
your business relies heavily on referrals or you have a customer loyalty program.

1. Increase Total Referrals
2. Better Quality Referrals

Easily track the sales process your reps are using to close deals.
Tracking your sales process results in fewer leads falling through the cracks.
Using a defined pipeline also helps you measure and improve your selling process,
ultimately leading to better forecasting and sales numbers over time.

Good fit if you sell using sales reps or have a sales team,
your customers have a long buying cycle and you sell high ticket items.

1. Never Lose Another Lead

Increase repeat sales from your first-time customers.
This is done by offering a loyalty discount to new, first-time buyers.

Good fit if you sell products/services online using a shopping cart
and/or order forms, you sell additional/repeat products and/or services.

Also, you have a customer loyalty program.

1. Get to Know Your Lists
2. Increase Customer Loyalty

You can use it for lead generation or as a bonus for those
who attend your event, webinar, or buy something from you.
This is a great way to show them what they could get for a whole membership price access.

Educate new or recent leads on a particular product/service you offer
and then drive towards the sale of that product/service.
This campaign requires an existing list of leads to educate.

Good fit if you sell products/services online using a shopping cart
and/or order forms and you have an existing list of new/recent leads.

1. Prime Leads for Purchase

Uses an email tip series lead magnet to collect new leads
and then sells something on the backend.
This is done by delivering a series of 4 educational emails
with tips and then making an offer after the series is done.

Good fit if you sell products/services online using a shopping cart
and/or order forms and you currently offer some free lead magnet
such as a white paper, case study, ebook, webinar, etc.

1. Re-Purpose Proven Existing Content
2. Increase Lead Conversion

Use a lead magnet to collect new leads and then sell something
on the backend to only the customers who downloaded the lead magnet.

Good fit if you sell products/services online using a shopping cart
and/or order forms, you currently offer some free lead magnet
such as a white paper, case study, ebook, webinar, etc.

and if you sell a lower dollar product and can drive leads directly to it.

1. Increase Sales From Existing Leads
2. Sell to the Right Leads

This campaign uses a lead magnet to collect new leads and
then drives a consultation on the backend.
The objective is to offer a free report and then make an offer
for a consultation once someone downloads it.

Good fit if you sell products/services using some type of
scheduled appointment/consultation and
you currently offer some free lead magnet such as
a white paper, case study, ebook, webinar, etc.

1.Get More Out of Your Content
2. Prime Leads for Purchase

Generate quick cash from your existing list by offering a temporary sale.
The offer is delivered in a series of three emails, each a day apart.

Good fit if you sell products/services online using a shopping cart
and/or order forms and you have an existing list of prospects and/or customers.

1. Quick Income Generator

With this campaign, you can inform your clients about your coming event and sell your tickets.
It will automatically follow-up with them before the event to build better engagement.


Hear success stories from other business owners.

How they benefit from a customised business and marketing automation.

  • Grow your business.
  • Work less in your business!

  • You can send a coupon to those who haven’t bought your product.

  • Any marketing idea can be implemented.

  • More effective campaigns.

  • More revenue and more leads.

  • You can build a totally online business, with full freedom.

Laura Roeder | Founder LKR Social Media

  • Follow-up on your business cards quickly.

  • Automate your deliveries.

  • Easily scan business cards.

  • Email contacts at the end of the day you met them automatically, but still personalised.

  • Give more informationion while the contact is warm.

  • Send your new list automated promotion with a deadline.

Eric Sparrow | CEO & Co-founder of Milkhouse Candles

  • Help to make the most out of your existing contact list.
  • Help your guests to get what they want, quality information and services with email sequences.
  • Help you to transform your guests into raving fans.
  • No limits to scalability.
  • Automate Referrals to Make The Most Out of ‘Word of Mouth’ Marketing.
  • Get Better Reviews on Social Media & Tripadvisor.
  • Done for You, so You Can Focus On What You Are The Best At.

Yvonne Halling | Owner of Les Molyneux B&B

  • Get more referrals and manage them.

  • Help others with your passion.

  • Set a good example for our kids.

  • Complete automation saves time with the family.

Family | JDMA Mac & Jock Millar

  • You don’t have to be an “online guru”.
  • Helps you to build a quality, emotional connection with your customers.
  • You can send an email with your own video saying ‘thank you for coming to us’.
  • Have a calendar about the events in the region

Genevieve Sheehan | Co-founder of Shamrock Vacations

  • Automate how you sell your products and services.

  • Have your landing page set up to get prospects opt-in.

  • Give relevant information to the right people.

  • Send out emails automatically to give more information.

  • Abandoned cart campaign can help you close more sales.

Keith Crockford | Managing Director of Rock & Rapid B&B

‘Business Automation Consulting Team always customise the implementations and the training according to the needs and goals of my clients.
They always deliver on time and go above and beyond my expectations.
Which means: GREAT SERVICE.

They are proactive by giving great ideas on how to improve the sales and marketing automation of our clients.
It allowed us to deliver more value to our existing customers, which is brilliant.

I trust them to engage directly with my clients on the phone and over email, knowing that they have my best interests at heart.

Kitty & Lenard make Infusionsoft fantastic.
They are professional at configuring it and focus on how best grow businesses.

I would recommend them in a heartbeat.
If your objective is to increase your ROI by increasing your revenue, speak with Kitty and Lenard now.’

Gaël Reignier, CEO of Services 42, London

“In today’s competitive environment,
automation is not a luxury;
it’s a requirement for keeping a competitive edge.
In fact, the benefits of automation are so numerous,
you can’t afford to ignore them.”

– Entrepreneur Mag.


  • Save Money

  • Get More Clients

  • Fix Your Follow-ups
  • Have a Membership Site

  • Win More Referrals
  • Leverage SMS Marketing

  • Wow Your Clients

  • Simply Done it For You
  • Know Your Numbers
  • Get More & Better Reviews
  • Market Your Events
  • Have Your Webshop

  • Automate Administration

  • Have Crowds on Your Events
  • Save Time
  • Segment Your List

  • Make More Sales
  • Build Quality Relationships


You get personalised campaigns, which can Automate Your Sales, Marketing,
Referral Systems, some Manual Workflow and much More.

CRM helps you to know your clients better than your competitors do.
Build the relationship that will build you the most loyal client base.
Stay connected to your customers, streamline processes and improve your profitability.

Did you know you can automate all your emails,
repetitive correspondences, and other website actions?
The key is to make them personalised.
Make your life simpler and easier.

Grab the attention of your prospects’ interest into your services.
You can generate leads for purposes such as list building, newsletter list growing or
selling your products, services or memberships.

Developing an outstanding relationship with clients at every stage of your sales funnel
and through every step of their buyer’s journey.
It focuses marketing and communication efforts on listening to the needs of prospects
and providing the information and answers they need.

Even if your heart is in your business, business works if the numbers work.
Know your numbers on every aspect of your sales, marketing and campaigns.
It helps you to fine tune your marketing efforts to scale your business.

Say goodbye to the mundane tasks that hold you and your team back.
Save time and money! Let your team focus on what really matters and has a higher value.


Marketing Planning

By understanding your actual situation, procedures, policies we can help you plan your automation and marketing strategy to reach your goals with less hassle, and more focused work.


Copywriting services are for you if you want to outsource this job to professionals, and don’t want to spend hours with this task on a weekly basis to provide valuable content to your clients and followers.

Online Live Training

Online Live Training is available for you if you or your team need more training to use Infusionsoft more confidently.


Set up your webshop with automation like cart abandonment, flash sale campaign, and more.

Membership Site

If you want to generate a nice, more reliable income stream, we can help you set up your membership site. You have to provide the content we set up the barriers so your clients will get access only to their level of membership content.

Mobile Marketing

Texts get higher opening rates and better response rates than emails. Everybody is focusing on their mobile screens. Spread your word through mobile platforms.

“Marketing automation is the technology that propels
your business into 
a new era of relationship based marketing
with quantifiable results.

When powerful technology meets effective implementation
and internal process management,
your company will soon find itself on a journey that
leads to new heights of business success.”

– Jon Miller


We are passionate about supporting small businesses!
Our mission is to save you loads of money and time, so you could focus on what you
are the best at, your products and services. We can help you by extending your services with personalised marketing and sales automation throughout the whole lifecycle of your clients.
Marketing automation will build a high-quality relationship with your customers and produces more sales, referrals and better reviews.

We are here to assist you to have more time and money.
You have to decide how to use the extra time and money: hire more staff, reinvest, have some life
away from your business,
or just simply make more money meanwhile have even happier clients than you already have.

Marketing & Business Automation can be a game-changer for you.

Our core values set us apart from other businesses:

  • We empower entrepreneurs by being passionate about helping them to succeed.
  • We listen, we care, we serve by being a good listener, team player and being committed serving our clients and partners.
  • We do what we say we’ll do. We keep ourselves accountable and communicate if something doesn’t work out according to the original plan.
  • We practice open, real communication.
  • We face challenges with optimism. We are problem solvers.
  • We check our egos at the door. We ask for feedback and always aware of that there’s usually another approach.
  • We innovate and continuously improve. Looking for alternatives, and open minded solutions to problems.
  • We do the right thing with high work ethics.
  • We believe in small business owners and their dreams.

I have more than a decade experience in managing and giving counsel to Fortune 100 clients around the world, by understanding their businesses and supporting them to reach their goals. This list includes, but not limited to Apple, Coca-Cola, Marriott Hotels, State Street, Hubbel, Toyota, Ford and much more.

It turned out I am crazy passionate about small businesses, so now I am focusing on them. They have tremendous potential to improve their revenue, sales & marketing, and customer experience. Small businesses have a huge impact on society, countries and economies. And personally, I love it that I can help them more easily and quickly than I could help corporate clients.

I am a travel enthusiast who loves life and healthy delicious food. I have too many hobbies, so let’s stop the list here. 🙂

I have almost a decade background in CRM development (Client Relationship Management) and experienced in working with the biggest, most reputable UK clients, like NHS, Premium Credit and ING just to mention some.

I have experience in teaching CRM systems to end users in a way that they can easily understand the technical processes and how they can serve their businesses.

I started working with small businesses where I see immediately how the client succeeds and receive immediate feedback, which makes me happy.

My passion is to see business owners scale their numbers, reach their goals, and more importantly save some time for themselves and their families.

My hobby is travelling, martial arts and reading self-improvement books. And much more. 🙂

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